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Our School

Our Purpose


To nurture children and strengthen communities through Montessori education.




Pinyon Montessori envisions a world where respect, equity, and diversity thrive. We foster an environment where every child's unique potential is encouraged and they are inspired to be compassionate, global citizens.


Pinyon Montessori is a non-profit school for children ages 3-12 years. Pinyon’s authentic Montessori curriculum fosters academic, social and emotional growth. Preschool and elementary classrooms are beautifully cultivated spaces providing developmentally appropriate experiences in which children thrive. Although new, this school is led by veteran teachers with experience in school leadership and cultivating community. A graduated tuition structure makes its quality Montessori program accessible to families at all income levels. Pinyon Montessori is a vibrant, supportive and equitable community in the Salt Lake valley. 

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